· “MAC BOLT”, ultra-thin coating specification to be composed of high-hardness metal zinc and special coating, is applied the technique of high corrosion resistance surface preparation to reduce bimetallic corrosion about the materials of high corrosion resistance plating such as materials - aluminum, hot dip galvanizing, alloy plating and etc.
· We, SAMIL FASTENER Co., Ltd., have started of development the “MAC BOLT” from the beginning with POSCO company which is one of the major steel industrial in Korea and this product “MAC BOLT” is for steel plate “PosMac” that prevent Galvanic corrosion of bolting as new technology development product.
1) 1) Good adhesion with thin film thickness
2) Excellent corrosion resistance due to strong coating structure.
3) Reduction of contact corrosion of different metals for high corrosion resistant plating materials (Aluminum, hot dip galvanizing, alloy plating, etc.)
4) No effects on product material due to low temperature treatment